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MOTO RACE – 2WheelsPoliTo



The Project

The team joins the world of two-wheeled competitions with the purpose of bringing a highly innovative approach through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, promoting a network of collaborations in the Italian industrial scenario.
Today it represents one of the leading manufacturers in its racing category, with 4 bikes competing in two different Teams.

Application or intervention

Several metal bikes components have been replaced by Nylforce Carbon 3D printed parts, even in high mechanical stress positions. The drastic weight reduction of these pieces contributes to reduce consumption and emissions, giving a significant increase in performances.
Supports (for radiators, fenders, tanks, brakes), protections and shock absorbers, aerodynamic parts, airboxes, intake systems and many other pieces have been made.

The advantages

3D printing with Nylforce Carbon offers great advantages in these applications because it combines lightness and strength, allowing to turn directly from modeling to creation of the final object. Production time is reduced, and multiplicity of complex shapes and variations can be made without extra costs.

• lighter components
• customization
• realization of complex shapes
• direct production without the use of molds
• precise control of thicknesses
• waste reduction
• production time reduction
• emissions reduction
• cost reduction
• sharing and sustainability