Custom-made chandelier @ FourSeasons Milan

CASE HISTORY / Custom-made chandelier @ FourSeasons Milan

Custom-made chandelier @ FourSeasons Milan

Custom-made chandelier @ FourSeasons Milan



The Project

The cooperation between Aggio Light and FiberForce began through the need to carry out a project commissioned by the Four Season Hotel, located inside the 15th-century former convent in Milan, city of fashion and design in full swing.

The historic Canadian brand, international leader in hotellerie, gets back to welcome guests with a new metropolitan and cosmopolitan style, opening a new space, the Stilla Bar.

Aggio Light took care about the construction and installation of all the custom lighting elements.
The main challenge has been the oversize chandelier installed above the marble counter of the Bar Stilla, that became the space protagonist.

Application or intervention

The chandelier consists of a large and complex steel and brass frame, on two levels, enclosing a special LED light source and encapsulating over 200 handcrafted glasses made according to Murano artisan technique, in silk finish.
Semi-rigid gaskets were needed to lock and protect the glasses between the steel rings of the frame, two for each of the more than 200 glasses.
Nylforce Carbon was therefore used to 3D print each custom made gasket for the special elliptic arc shape of every glass, finding a reliable solution over saving time and money.

The advantages

Nylforce Carbon 3D Printing technology brought to quickly obtain resistant and tailored gaskets, avoiding the glass-metal contact, in small batch, with a very low cost.

Basically, the use of 3D printing with Nylforce Carbon for Aggio Light means:

• Chance to create unique components
• Small production batches at low cost
• Short times
• Realization of very complex shapes
• Direct production without the use of molds
• Emissions reduction
• Cost reduction
• Sharing and sustainability